Organic Hair Growth Shampoo

Organic Hair Growth Shampoo
Organic Hair Growth Shampoo
Organic Hair Growth Shampoo
Organic Hair Growth Shampoo
Organic Hair Growth Shampoo

Organic Hair Growth Shampoo

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Organic Hair Growth Shampoo

$ 39.97


This hair loss product combines the best of herbal and oriental medicines, integrated with the latest advanced hair technology.

The Dexe Shampoo is not regular shampoo - it's a hair growth formula that's been made into a shampoo, to make the product easy to use and to provide added hydration and hair care benefits that the best shampoos already provide.

It contains essential bio-active nutrients that create a healthy environment for hair growth.

Ingredients include polygonum Multiflorum (Japanese Knotweed), Bionta  Orientalis (a native Chinese Thuja tree) and Drynaria Fortune (a species of basket fern) all potent Chinese herb combined with usual SLS foaming agent and hydrolyzed keratin.


  • 1 Bottle of Dexe = 1 to 2 months 
  • Recommended use for visible results: 1-2 months (minimum one bottle)
  • Recommended use for optimal results:2-4 months (2 Bottles)



1. Wet hair thoroughly with warm water

2. Apply Dexe Shampoo on your hair (avoid putting shampoo on your back)

3. Massage the root of your hair for 2-3 minutes

4. Rinse with water, wash out the foam

5. Use 4-6 times a week

After using Organic Growth Shampoo, we warmly suggest you our Laser Regrowth Comb so you can speed up the process of treatment instantly.

To distinguish the process on Day & Night intervals we've developed a special Day&Night Treatment Serum so you can use it in the evening before you go to sleep and in the very morning so your hair will be in a continuous treatment process.

To read more about Day&Night Treatment Serum click HERE.

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